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Volunteers are a big part of what we all enjoy in the community!

Dear Editor,
Many of the benefits we enjoy from living in a small community are the direct result of the dedication and selflessness of community volunteers. Whether it is a major event like the just completed Rainy River Walleye Tournament or the Giant Pumpkin Festival none of these would happen without an army of volunteers.
Parades, picnics, community beautification, roadside clean-ups, healthcare facilities improvements, recreation programmes, trade shows, concerts, and a host of other local benefits we enjoy are the direct result of an army of community minded folks who bend their backs and open their wallets to the benefit of all.
Last week we saw two dozen residents show up on a weekday morning to take down and stow away the Big Tent from the RRWT. A truck was loaded with rental returns and a stage disassembled. Much of the additional work was completed by a handful of volunteers with little thanks or recognition- just the personal satisfaction of a job well done.
So a big hats off to all who volunteer. And get involved. Don’t wait to be asked. Volunteer yourself. That way we all win.

–Jack Elliott,
Rainy River