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Marking the 65th anniversary of the Italian Campaign

Dear Editor:
This year, we mark the 65th anniversary of the Italian Campaign. From the time Canadian troops landed in Sicily in July 1943, through to the epic battle of Ortona and beyond, this Campaign was front page news. Following the D-Day invasion, however, Italy became the forgotten front. Yet, almost 93,000 Canadians fought their way towards Rome and beyond; almost 6,000 are buried in cemeteries from Sicily to Northern Italy.
As a member of The War Amps Operation Legacy, a group of committed young people dedicated to preserving Canada’s military heritage, I would like to highlight this anniversary and urge the public to learn more about the heroism of Canadians in Italy by watching an award-winning documentary from The War Amps Military Heritage Series.
A War of Their Own tells the story of how the Canadians in Sicily and Italy faced tremendous odds never before experienced by the Canadian Army and developed innovative techniques to fight in an inhospitable terrain against an experienced enemy force during almost two years of steady fighting. Part I covers the campaign from the Sicily invasion to the battle for Ortona, while Part II follows the Canadians as they take part in the battles in Northern Italy such as the Gothic Line, Coriano Ridge and the Savio River.

Operation Legacy members have donated copies of this documentary, which was produced by War Amps CEO Cliff Chadderton, to school and public libraries across Canada, and it is also available at a cost-recovery price by calling toll-free 1 800 250-3030 or at

You can also learn more about Canada’s unique military heritage by visiting Cliff Chadderton’s blog at

Daniel Peacock, 16
Operation Legacy Member, Campbellcroft