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Frustrated with H1N1 and the system

Dear Editor,
I am a young resident living in the Rainy River area.
On November the 9th, I was taken to the Rainy River Hospital after two days of being severely ill. After the nurse had examined me she told me not to panic but she had to run some tests to ensure I did not have the H1N1 flu virus. She told me I would know within 24-48 hours whether or not I had the flu virus and in the meantime I was to stay away from people and remain in my home.
During my visit the nurse at the hospital also told me I would not be able to receive the vaccine on the 12th of November if I was still ill. When I called to inquire about my test results on the 11th of November the receptionist told me the results would not be back for 2-3 weeks depending on its priority. This was very upsetting to me to know I was less of a priority, considering I was to remain confined to home where I live with my two younger siblings and the nurse had told me previously I would know my results in 24-48 hours.
They say our nation is in the midst of a pandemic because of the fast spreading H1N1 flu. In the 2-3 weeks it would take for my test results to come back I could have died and/or my siblings could have contracted this deadly flu virus. How can my test results not be as important as any others, especially when it is to be determined whether or not I posses the H1N1 virus? How can they take so long to figure it out?
Is Canada’s Health Care really doing all they can to protect us from the spread of H1N1?
Rochelle Jensson
Rainy River, Ont.