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Attention anyone interested in bird watching

Letter to the editor,

May 1, 2010 will be an exciting day in Rainy River; for many years we have talked and talked about birding in the Rainy River area, we are now about to explore deeply and make plans for the future. We have invited two gentlemen to talk to us and to lead us in a discussion about birding. They are Mr. John Van den Broeck he is a Biodiversity/Species at Risk Biologist from the Ministry of Natural Resources who specializes in endangered species, which he tells us we have a few in our area. We also have Mr. Dave Elders coming as well, Mr. Elders is a renowned birder and he will bring us a wealth of knowledge of birds.
This meeting will take place on Saturday May 1, 2010 at the Rainy River activity depot at 10:00 am; mark it on your calendar. Please be our guest on that day, we really need your help and ideas.
However, we need you to confirm your attendance as we will be providing lunch. Please phone 852- 3244 to confirm.

Thank you,
–Don Ricci and
Gord Armstrong