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Play was good but had some inappropriate content

Dear Editor:
The Owl Theatre presentation of "Loki On Trail" at the Rainy River High School was really good. I liked the effort that the students put into the play. The painting on the back drop and the designs in the trail stand were well done.
Also the pranks that they played on each other on Saturday night were funny. For example, like the farting teddy bear, fruit getting thrown up from behind the flats, and the scene were the giant moved to the mission impossible theme song.
But the things that I didn't like was sexual innuendo and inappropriate actions suck as sticking bums out, breast rubbing, and eye contact that said, "Ooooo baby I love you."
What I'm really trying to say is, is this going to happen when I get to high school? Even though I'm only in grade 4 and 10 years old, is there any thing we can do to stop this or make it better? Please help put an end to this rudeness, and make R.R.H.S. a better school.
–Abigail Lucke