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RR Hosp. Aux. News: Volunteers needed to help sell pull tabs

Submitted by Carolee Hogue President Joyce Penner called our first meeting to order and began the meeting with the Auxiliary Prayer. Donna McDonald introduced a potential new member, Victoria Sabo to our meeting and Bev Langner mentioned that the new membership cards have been printed by Brigitta McGreevy and that she will pass them on to Eleanor Wiersema who is our new Membership Co-ordinator. The minutes were read and the Treasurer’s Report was given. Read more...

Legion Chat: Wish you well Ken!

By Walter Wagner President This is the last chat that our editor Ken will read as this is his last week of work for the Record. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we wish you well on your future endeavours. Read more...

Publisher's Pen: Volunteerism

There is a sign that is posted somewhere in Fort Frances that says Volunteerism is the rent we pay for living in a great community. I am regularly reminded of this quiet saying that Mohammad Ali originally spoke as I look throughout the district at all the projects that continue to benefit the residents of the district. Read more...

Publisher's Pen: Summer months gone in record time

We are heading into the last long weekend of our summer. As I get a little bit older, summers become shorter and shorter. It feels like we only opened the cabin a few short weeks ago at the end of April. The parking lot at the boat landing has fewer cars as many of our American friends have returned home with school already underway. Read more

Agri-News: Managing pasture productivity in fall

Late summer is not the time to neglect your pastures.  How you manage your pastures during this period will affect the productivity for the remainder of this year and next. Extending the grazing season until Christmas is an achievable goal for anyone, but there are a few important late season forage management steps to follow if you want to achieve this. Read more

Gardening Guru: Growing orchids indoors

Many years ago Canadians were only able to see orchids if they visited a flower store or took a vacation in the tropics. Orchids belong to one of the oldest genus of plants, with an estimated 30,000 species worldwide. Even the forests of the Rainy River District, are home, to over 10 species but they are not as large and showy as the modern cultivars recently bred for home growing in North America. Read more

Legion Chat: Thanks students!

By President Walter Wagner It is that time to acknowlede the efforts of the students who manned, the Tourist Centre and the Rail Museum. The Legion is very grateful for the weeding and watering you have done for our flower beds and surrounding area. Your efforts are there for all to see. Read more...

Publisher's Pen: Students need to use the world as their classroom

Schools will be starting soon. Some parents will experience worry as their first youngster walks out the front door and boards a waiting school bus. It is a passage of time. Almost a decade later, that group will move on to high school and parents will suddenly realize that their children are growing and quickly will disappear in just a short time from home. All too soon, those children who boarded that school bus are now being loaded into the family car and are off to university dorms.

Gardening Guru: Two crops-One planting!

By Melanie Mathieson Gardening Guru •Two Crops – One Planting Sometimes you can get a second crop from some plants like green and yellow beans, lettuce, Swiss chard and other greens. After they have finished producing, try chopping them down about 3 inches above the soil. You can either cut with scissors or pruners or if you have a large patch use the lawn mower set on the highest setting or garden shears. Keep watering as usual and in about a week you should see the stumps sending out new shoots. In about a month to six weeks, depending on the weather, you should be picking a new crop.

Things a new farmer has to think about

By Gary Sliworsky OMAFRA Rep. There are many things you need to think about when starting a farm. Some of these things are what do you want to produce, where are you going to produce it, how are you going to gain the skills to do so, and how are you going to finance this initiative? Read more...


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