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Nuffield Farming Scholarship seeking applications

By Gary Sliworsky

Busy week working on forestry, pensions and Bill C-51

This week was another busy one in Ottawa with forestry hearings, work on the pensions file, and the Conservatives working hard to stoke fear among Canadians to promote their unnecessary and intrusive Bill C-51 at committee... Read more...

Are traings safer than pipelines?

Last week, sitting idly in the train yard in Fort Frances was a train made up entirely of tanker cars. It was only one of the 29 trains that pass through our community and district every day of the year. If you watch the trains from one of the level crossings in the district, you will see a mixture of tanker cars, flat cars carrying lumber, cars carrying grain from the west and container cars carrying containers that have arrived at Prince Rupert with consumer goods from Asia. You will also see unit trains carrying crude oil.

Difficult questions with no easy answers

If you could sit down and plan for a community, what would be your most important considerations? As we look to the future, the communities of the Rainy River district have to deal with their histories and also with their futures. They do not have the luxury of beginning with a blank sheet.

Library Corner: Business boomed at library in 2014!

By Michael Dawber
The numbers are in the library’s just-released annual report.
In 2014, the library loaned 17,187 items.

Clematis: A popular Flowering Vine

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Owls' Ongoings: Plenty of fundraising going on!

By Taylor Armstrong
RRHS Co-President

You could win $75,000!

By Gary Sliworsky

OLOW News: Students visit Kah Nah Chi Wah Nung

Submitted by
Nicole Robinson

McInnes Creek News: Lockings step down after 30 years

Submitted by
Rebecca Wood
The annual meeting of the Board for McInness Creek Chapel was held on February 1, 2015 at the home of George and Pat Acree.


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