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Government will not be able to hibernate much longer on bear hunt issue

Dear Editor,
The government of the day will soon have to make a decision on the return of the spring bear hunt. The government has ignored all the scientific facts of this issue far to long.
Northern Ontario communities have been plagued with nuisance bears since the closure of the hunt and the government has chosen to turn their back on their northern constituents. There are more orphan cubs now than when the spring hunt was on and the government has done their best to keep this fact from the public.
Quebec did a ten year study on the black bear and its population distribution. This study also looked at the spring and fall hunt. Quebec found that in order to increase the bear population in their province they would have to discontinue the fall bear hunt. Their study showed that to many pregnant bears and young bears were harvested in the fall hunt.
There is also a study on black bears and the spring hunt done by the Manitoba Ministry of Natural Resources. The Manitoba government has given this study to the Ontario government i.e., Mr. Eves, Mr. Ouelette. This study was also given to NOTO. This study proves beyond any doubt that the spring is the proper time to hunt black bears. I have tried to obtain a copy of this study so it can be made public. Initially, Manitoba offered to give seminars on the study to interested parties but that was quashed by the Ontario government because one province can not provide information against another province that will cause conflict within the province.
A study done by Laurentian University on nuisance bears paid for by Mr. Shad proved baiting bears in the spring keep bears in the bush until the berries crops ripen.
Our government should stop trying to hide the truth from the public. They have to stop running from anti hunting terrorists. The Minister of Natural Resources should do the job of properly managing wildlife, to the benefit of wildlife. If he does not have the courage to do his job as Minister, which he is being well paid for, then he should resign his post and give the Ministry to someone that is not afraid to do what is proper for the protection of wild life and what is right for Northern Ontario.
Black bears are becoming more and more aggressive each spring. A man was recently attacked by a black bear in Timmins. Bears are showing up in backyards more frequently year after year. They are becoming bolder with each appearance. The people of northern Ontario should not have to risk their lives or their pet’s lives because the government is trying to win another election.
The government did not do any research or studies when they closed the spring hunt in Ontario. The government caved in to the demands of anti-hunters. These anti-hunter demands are the cause of all the nuisance bears, orphan cubs and financial losses to outfitters of northern Ontario.
Gerry Vautour
East Bull Lake Wilderness Resort