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Truths about cannabis are surfacing

Dear Editor,
“Has the primeminister gone to pot?”
That statement just blew me away. How can they use that as a rationale for decriminalizing a drug that is known  to be a catalyst for even heavier drug use? But they did.
 I think that you will find that all credible studies with regard to this point show that Cannabis is not a catalyst aka a gateway substance. The individuals involved (generally with personality / psychological problems anyway) go on to use other addictive substances.  As a percentage of overall users of Cannabis this is very small.
 Remember! Cannabis itself is not, physically addictive whereas alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, heroine and a number of other substances are.
 It would be to the editors credit that they research the facts about Cannabis and publish an article setting the record straight. There are a number of bona-fide ‘independent’ sources available. Then, I think that your community can form a realistic approach toward Cannabis.
The unfortunate thing is that since it’s prohibition, Cannabis has been used as a political football by some very destructive zealots basing their justifications and demonizations on various myths (lies could be read here), prejudices and personal (public) edification. This has been primarily instigated by the US for the last 70 years. Fortunately the truths about Cannabis are surfacing which is why many countries and even States south of the boarder are or have already decriminalizing.
By the way, the writer believes that Cannabis , like alcohol, has no place in the society of the young, workplace or operation of machinery. The use of this natural substance by adults is a personal choice.
We need laws to protect children - by all means - but prohibition is not a way to control Cannabis - it is a fruitless endeavour and infringes on our freedoms and rights as Canadians.
 Eugene Hines
(Canadian working in the UK - Age 56)