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Alliance MP supports decriminalizing DWI

Dear Editor,
Perhaps you would not be so confused if he studied the scholarly evidence, all of which for sixty years and more has supported the decriminalization of marijuana possession.
I am having great fun doing my reform work today, for I can see what many cannot see: if you pass no legislation, legalization is imminent.
If you pass the proposed legislation in it’s current form, legalization will be slightly delayed, but is imminent.
Just take a look in Ontario where possession cases are being dismissed en masse under the Parker decision. That will spread as your federal officials appeal the Windsor decision to enforce Parker. Parker demands access to medical marijuana, which the proposed legislation does not do.
Oh, the poor “Kens” of the world have no idea how in danger their dream of punishing and caging marijuana users is of becoming a historical memory.
Matthew Hulett
Brick, New Jersey