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Moral Free-fall

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my thoughts about the recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal on June 10th that declared the historic definition of “marriage” unconstitutional.
The definition of marriage in Canada, for all of the nation’s 136 years, has been based on the classic formulation of Lord Penzance in Hyde vs. Hyde and Woodmansee (1866): “I conceive that marriage, as understood in Christendom, may for this purpose be defined as the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.” With the stroke of a pen, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that this definition is unconstitutional. It has been changed to: “The voluntary union for life of two persons to the exclusion of all others.”
Do we honestly think that we are wiser and more enlightened than the countless generations that have preceded us? How can the courts of a democratic society be allowed to do this when no opportunity for public debate or vote has been afforded? Recent polls and a commission on marriage indicate that the country is evenly split on the issue. This being the case, it was absurd for CBC news to report that the courts are merely “catching up with public opinion.” They obviously never asked me or countless other Canadians!
The historic definition of marriage has survived the test of time for many generations, sparing us as a nation from slipping into moral free-fall and oblivion. The “traditional family” has been the bedrock of our society ever since our nation was founded... and with good reason. Since the creation of the world, this has been the foundation of humanity (see Genesis 2:20-25). According to the Bible, marriage between one man and one woman was God’s idea, not ours. This has been the means whereby God afforded human beings the privilege to love and be loved, experience pleasure and procreate. Countless studies have proven that children thrive best where both a father and mother are present.
There is a logical progression (digression) which will result from the seemingly innocent change in the definition of marriage. By legitimizing homosexual and lesbian relationships, we open the door to recognize anything that depraved people conceive. When will the words “of any age” be added to the definition to allow pedophiles the “right” to practice their deviance? When will the word “two” be dropped from the definition to allow polygamists the rights and benefits of being recognized as married? When will the word “persons” be changed to “creatures” to allow for those given to bestiality to be recognized as having legitimate relationships worthy of public acceptance and praise? By tampering with the historic definition of marriage, we throw open the flood-gates for polygamists, pedophiles and other deviant behaviours to flourish.
As far-fetched as these scenarios might seem, it is important to note that the courts are already being challenged with these issues. Unless concerned citizens of Canada speak out, it won’t be long until absolute moral chaos breaks out... if it hasn’t already.
There was a time (not long ago) when our society recognized homosexual and lesbian relationships for what they are... an abnormal perversion and deviance; an affront to God’s design for sexuality. We are flirting with moral collapse by altering the time-honoured definitions of morality that have shielded us from the enemies “within” that would destroy us.
Acceptance of immorality (in all its forms) is leading to our demise and is destroying us as a nation. The moral confusion which permeates our society today is directly proportionate to the breakdown of the family. Any historian will tell you that all the ancient civilizations collapsed from within, when moral failure became the norm and society no longer possessed the ability to recognize the difference between good and evil. This in turn made people defenseless to ward off their enemies from without.
The “politically correct” thinkers of our day would have us believe that if we legitimize homosexual marriages, we will be a more “tolerant” society. For this reason, anyone who dares question the gay lifestyle is branded “right-winged, bigoted, intolerant, homophobic,”... or all of the above. The truth is, the more tolerant we become, the more intolerant those we tolerate become toward us!
It has recently become intolerant to even question the legitimacy of homosexuality. It is even deemed by many as “hate speech” to do so. If you doubt me, just read the proceedings from Parliament Hill on June 6 regarding Bill C-250, when BC’s openly gay MP Svend Robinson introduced legislation to criminalize all people with dissenting opinions on homosexuality and the homosexual agenda.
The opposing MPs, who were brave enough to question the necessity for such legislation, were brutally heckled and put down. Svend Robinson and his supporters exhibited brazenly intolerant behaviour as the proceedings ensued. And these actions by the same individuals who are demanding that society be more tolerant toward them! It would seem that tolerance is expedient, only so long as it serves their political purpose and radical agenda.
I regret that in writing this editorial, I run the risk of having people misunderstand me. My words may be interpreted as vengeful and homophobic. I assure you that they are not. I have no such thoughts. My actions stem from and intense desire to see those trapped within the gay life-style find a solution, not in homosexuality, but in an intimate relationship with the opposite sex as God designed and intended from the beginning. Thousands of homosexuals have found freedom from the bondage they are in when informed that there is a way out. I also desire to restore a sense of decency and honour to the institution of the family by insisting that the historic definition of marriage remain intact.
I call upon all married couples to foster and cherish those ideals which keep marital and family commitments strong and vibrant. For the sake of our children, our country and future generations, please speak out in defense of marriage and the family.
“God keep our land, glorious and free. O’ Canada, we stand on guard for thee!”
Mark Mast
Rainy River