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Where was Nault on gun control?

Dear Editor,
RE: article Nault fights for riding to stay the same
In this article, Mayor Gordon Prost states,” we enjoy strong representation by our Member of Parliament.” I would question the Mayor as to what strong representation he is referring to.
In the article Nault states, “As a result of input from my constituents, I filed a Notice of Objection to the standing committee on procedures and House Affairs.” I would like to know what type of “ input from constituents” was so effective as gun owners from the riding arrived by the busload to be “Represented” in 1995 and have been writing to him for eight years only to be given the standard Liberal Deceive, Deny and Delay!
I challenge Kenora Rainy River constituents to find one true statement that our “Representative” or any other Liberal has made regarding the Firearms Act.
When we sing the national anthem, specifically, “ We stand on guard for thee,” I can’t help but think how we have all failed and let these Liberal dictators take over our Canada.
–Dan Baron,