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Risk from Mad Politician Disease is greater than BSE


For months our government has been lobbying the U.S. government to reopen its border to imports of Canadian Beef. The government has said the one cow found last May was just that, one cow and an isolated case.
As the months passed, it seemed that U.S. officials were buying into that premise; Our beef is safe to eat.
Then right before Christmas the U.S. government discovered a case of Mad Cow Disease in Washington. Almost immediately our government did what it did not want the U.S. to do; they closed our border to U.S. beef.
What will that accomplish? Is there a danger to us from U.S. beef?
We spent months telling the Americans that our beef supply is safe and should not be banned. Now we turn around and ban their beef because of one case? Sounds more like tit for tat than logical thinking.
I have heard many people say this move is just political retaliation, not proven science. Many said that the

American ban was the same thing, politics.
Science has said the food supply in both countries is safe, but the politicians are not convinced.
So while they play political football with the livelihoods of cattle farmers on both sides of the border, people continue to eat beef and have not contracted the deadly disease.
Billions of dollars are at stake and many, many farm families are teetering on bankruptcy in Canada. I think that the move to ban U.S. beef is not going to resolve the dilemma created for our farmers. If anything it is going to further drag it out, aggravating the situation even further.
It is time to put politics aside and do what is best for our farmers; reopen the border to both sides.
The risk from Mad Politician Disease is much greater than that of Mad Cow Disease.
–Until then,