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Insurance rates are forcing the simple things out of reach


Summer camps have been a part of the fabric right across North America for most of the past century.
Bible Camps have been where many kids get their first experience doing things like canoeing, camping and just plain having fun in the great outdoors. But all of that has fallen prey to the very evil the camps preach against.
Because of the sins of a few the many now have to suffer, facing very high insurance premiums if they want to have a summer camp and give kids memories that will last a lifetime.
It is a case of how a very few can spoil things for the many, but is it fair to broad brush all camps with the same brush?
If the camp organizers take all the necessary precautions, like checking the backgrounds of camp counselors, and ensuring the kids are never left alone with one counselor, then why should they be penalized with out of this world insurance premiums?
Insurance rates should be set according to risk. If a camp can prove they are not putting the kids at risk by screening all their volunteers and staff, then their rates should reflect that.
Instead, because of some major scandals in the past, the kids of today and tomorrow are being forced to pay for someone else’s crime.
Bible camps in this district have been around for at least 60 years. Thousands of residents here have attended them and come away with wonderful memories; myself included.
If our camp organizers are further burdened for the sins of others with even higher premiums year after year, the summer camp experiences we all had as kids in this district may be just that, nothing more than a memory.
Something needs to be done to rationalize the insurance industry in this country before all the simple and fun things in life are priced out of reach of us all.
–Until then,