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What would we talk about if the weather was always perfect


The deep freeze has returned and with all that snow out there, it is definitely winter!
The weather is always a topic people discuss. Whether it is a nice day, too cold or too hot, it is always something that just about everyone is willing to say something about.
For most of us it is very common to have weather be the first thing we talk about other than the intitial greeting when meeting someone on the street.
“Hello! Nice day eh!”
Hear that many times a day myself. But have you ever noticed how the weather affects the way we communicate.
A beautiful day garners a happy smiley faced greeting from most. One where people are willing to stop and talk about just about anything for any length of time.
A bitterly cold day sees the person gripping the stormflap

on their coat, quickly strutting by saying, “Surrrrrre cold out.”
When it is too hot people tend to stop to talk only if there is shade nearby and even then only if it is not muggy out.
Rarely does a person say much when it is raining. In fact most might say the quick hello as they dart from a building to the car; again weather to complain about.
Windy days also prompts grumbles from most people and few if any who stop to chat on the street.
Destructive storms often find us complaining about the fact we can not do anything during them, but on the other hand everyone is keenly interested in every detail of what tree is down where and who was flooded out.
Imagine what little we would have to talk about if the weather was perfect every day.
–Until then,