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Super slimy Sunday, not Super Bowl Sunday


It seems that there is no limit to the distance advertising agencies and entertainers are willing to go to capture our attention.Super Bowl Sunday... a date synonymous with action packed football... well not every year... but at least an amazing half-time show and the most talked about part of the event... that is most years... the commercials.
This year instead of having lizards saying the name of a popular brand name of beer, that company chose to have a horse fart in the face of a woman.
Another commercial saw kids swearing at a new car.
Yet another commercial had a dog attacking the groin of a man.
Then at half-time, besides the mediocre music, for some reason Michael Jackson’s sister Janet, had her breast

exposed, live on world wide television.
There used to be a time where saying “shux” on television would have had the censors up in arms.
Now it seems the advertisers and entertainers seem to think that they have to keep pushing the envelope to get us to be interested in the products they are selling.
I can tell you that swearing at a car or having a horse fart in a woman’s face will not get me to buy those products and seeing Janet Jackson’s breast is not going to get me to like her music.
I think most people prefer some level of decency and can be amused by good clean fun.
–Until then,