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A very puzzling, but funny addiction


What is it about the human mind that makes us so inquisitive? Or so addicted to some things?
In recent weeks I set up a card table in my house and started doing a jigsaw puzzle in my spare time. While I had done puzzles as a child, I only rarely dabbled away at them in the decades that have passed since I was that young.
Last year someone reintroduced me to to them. She and her daughter spent many hours meticulously searching for pieces of the puzzle that would fit here or there. They would work for hours on a puzzle, often tying up their kitchen table for several days.
I was over visiting during this event and often got hooked on helping or even working on a puzzle by myself.
I really enjoyed searching for and finding a piece of the puzzle and placing in its appropriate place. Enjoyed it to the point where this year I purchased a couple of puzzles from a neighbour up the street at a yard sale. He is what I would call a puzzle addict of major severity.
While I toiled away at one puzzle over a few weeks, he had nearly done all of at least a dozen puzzles he received for Christmas... of course being retired gives him more time to work on them.
Well I completed my first puzzle at home last week and was feeling very triumphant! But to what end? I worked for hours and days (intermittently of course) on it and then it was complete. “Now what?” I asked myself.
Well I left it for a day or two admiring my accomplishment, only to crumble it up and put it back in the box.
Now I have started another one and find myself going through the addiction all over again. It is enjoyable, but I am puzzled why I and so many others find it so.
–Until then, Ken