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Help protect school kids by being careful

by Ken Johnston,

Flashing red lights....

What does that make you think of? A police car? An ambulance? Or perhaps a railway crossing?

Starting today there is a set of flashing red lights that we have not seen for several months. They are very important lights and we should be sure and heed them.

The red lights I am referring to are the ones on school buses.

Kids across the Rainy River District went back to school today.

Summer weather continues and I am sure if the kids are anything like I was way back when, their minds are on the fun they could be having outside, rather than being in the classroom.

So as they head to school try and be extra careful when you see them either walking along the streets or getting on or off the bus.

Don’t try and save time by passing a bus with flashing red lights. In a way that is like trying to beat a train at a railway crossing. Except the loser in the bus situation is the kid that steps out from the other end of the bus and gets hit by you.

While we must make extra efforts to watch for the kids, they too must learn to be on guard from motorists as well.

So if you can, sit down with your kids and review safety rules that appear in this paper, thanks to local businesses that care.

None of us ever want to see a child lost, and if we take extra care and time we can be sure to prevent that from happening.

–Until then,