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Apology to students needed

Dear Editor,
In my past experiences of playing and watching high school sports, I was always very proud to say that our teachers, student body, and most of all our community, supported us no matter what happened on the court.
In last weeks paper, I read a disgraceful article about our RRHS Owls, and a students attempt to “make it on the score sheet”. I found it very unprofessional and disrespectful of our editor, to belittle a student for his performance on the court. High School sports should be a great learning experience for everyone who participates, but most of all, it should be fun.
I believe that there should be a personal apology made to this student, after all, it is just a game. People should be supported and encouraged for their attempts, not beat down by the local paper in front of their entire community.
Thank You
Melissa Hartnell
Rainy River
Editor’s Note: There was no intent to disrespect the student in question. We do apologize for any offense taken.