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Clarifying the facts on DSSAB

Dear Editor:
Re: Article of 10 February, 2004 Titled “Lake of the Woods Reeve Pizey Discovers $600,000 Accounting Error In Our Favour”
Just a quick note to clarify the title of your recent article in the Rainy River Record.
The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (RRDSSAB) is extremely happy that the issue of the funding of the unincorporated share of land ambulance has finally been resolved. The DSSAB will receive over $760,000 in payments this month to correct the amount owing us by the Province of Ontario.
The Staff and Board of the Rainy River DSSAB have worked very hard to have this matter resolved. Their commitment and certitude to have the matter corrected has paid off for all service managers of land ambulance across this Province. Our small DSSA can be very proud of that fact. We have made positive change across Ontario.
Upon the transfer of the service from the Province, we were told that the unincorporated share of the total ambulance costs was only $18,080. We knew this was absolutely incorrect and we told the Province so. Thanks to the encouragement and support of Board members like Val Pizey, Reeve of Lake of the Woods Township, our staff and Board pursued the matter vigorously until the money rightfully owing us was paid.
This has saved the taxpayers in our District a great deal of money. Money that would have come out of their pocketbooks rather than the Province’s coffers, should we have let the matter go, as many others did.
I just wanted the readers to know that the term “accounting error” is not the correct term to use. I do not want folks to believe that the Ministry of Health or the DSSAB, nor any of their staff members, made “accounting errors”. It was simply a difference of opinion as to how the unincorporated share should be calculated - our way which was correct or their way which was incorrect.
Perhaps it is all water under the bridge now but, regardless, a lot of work paid off for everyone residing in our District. Hats off to all of those staff members and Board who works so hard to make it happen. You can all be very proud!
Thanks for the space in your newspaper. You’re doing a great job keeping the public informed.
Donna Dittaro, CAO, RRDSSAB