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Only good one is the Christian Heritage Party

Dear Editor:
Please let me address the Christian Community as follows:
In a short while, we as Canadians will be asked to vote for a new government. What are we to do?
A parable: Do not put new wine into old wineskins. We Christians are all familiar with this parable. So, voting for th old parties is out of the question for us. What about the New Conservatives?
Putting together two old wineskins will still make an old wineskin. A party that does not acknowledge God as Supreme Being and Judge will do no good for Canada.
The only party that is avaialable for Christians is the Christian Heritage party. No true Christian will be censured for standing up for Godliness and righteousness in our country.
The young generation, raising the next generation is asked to take up the torch and run the race set before them and us.
Will they, will you do it? Every Christian will have to answer this question. So rise and shine my Christian friends. If you are quiet, or failing to respond, even the stones will cry out: Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings. The God on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the Eternal God. Does Jesus get your vote.
Sincerely yours,
Johannes Scheibler