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Hampton wonders if much will change under Liberals

Honourable Harinder Takhar
Minister of Transportation
Dear Minister,
This past Sunday, the first serious snowstorm of the year hit the Northwest. The MTO was not able to clear the highways in a timely manner resulting in too many highways being shut down.
One Highway, Highway 502 between Dryden and Fort Frances was closed for a lengthy period of time creating serious problems because as you know, transport trucks, log haul trucks and chip trucks cannot use Highway 71 because of weight restrictions on the Sioux Narrows Bridge. Transport traffic between Kenora and Fort Frances is forced to make a lengthy detour using Highway 502. If Highway 502 is shut down the further detour is impractical.
The closures of highways and dangerous highway conditions resulting from the inadequate maintenance and clearing of snow from highways put people at risk.
When your government was in opposition you often criticized the Conservative scheme of privatized highway maintenance. Now we see that privatized winter road maintenance is the same under the Liberals.
What are your plans to improve highway maintenance and to improve snow clearing for the safety and well being of drivers throughout the winter months?
Howard Hampton, MPP
Kenora-Rainy River