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More of a threat from the very foods available in their own stores


Leave it to bureaucrats to come up with another law to hinder the everyday life of the average Joe.
The United States government has created a new law that will supposedly protect its food supply from bioterrorists. The law says that anyone taking food to the United States for any other reason than for personal use will have to have notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at least two hours before its arrival at the border.
This applies only to foods bought at a store or manufactured for export the U.S. by a business. However, you can bake all the cookies, cakes, etc. you like and take them across no questions asked.
One would think that items purchased from a grocery store that already have to pass stringent health and safety laws to be sold to the general public would be less of a threat than home baked goods.
Now if you buy goods at the grocery store in Canada and take them over the U.S. the law does not apply if you are buying them for “personal use.” But if you are buying a gallon of milk for your someone else in the U.S. you have to give prior notice that you will be bringing that milk through the border. How does this protect the food supply?
Sounds to me more like the bureaucrats needed to creat more paperwork to protect their jobs.
Joe public is not buying goods at the grocery store in Canada to launch a bioterrorist attack on the U.S. Heck they can go to their own grocery stores and buy foods full of harmful ingredients like saturated fats and help with the attack that has been underway by food companies at home for decades.
If the FDA truly wanted to protect the people from harmful foods they would be spending money wisely on creating rules and regulations against producing harmful foods in their own country... not concocting some theory that foods found in Canadian grocery stores are part of some international bioterrorist threat.
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