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Lloyd will truly be missed

Letter to the Editor
In commemoration of Lloyd Hodges
This past Sunday (Dec 14) I received the sad news that Lloyd Hodges had passed away, I was deeply grieved. He was a very good friend and I will always remember his loyalty and dedication to what he considered as being worthwhile to stand and to fight for.
Back in 1991, I met with Lloyd the first time, which was during my first visit to Rainy River. During the first few years, meeting from time to time, I came to know him soon as a very sincere and helpful person.
In ten years thereafter, in particular as from 1995 when I became more directly involved in making preparations for the long planned production facility in Rainy, I had the privilege of working closely together with Lloyd and developed the highest respect for him and for what he did. Nothing was too much for him and he always was there when and where needed.
When as from 1997/1998 the real organization work started to realize the production set-up, Lloyd was one of the few people who did everything he could to assist in making it happen and for which I, and certainly also all others directly involved in the project, are still very grateful.
Of course through the years many people from the Rainy River community have always, directly or indirectly, supported and appreciated the hard working on getting the production facility realized, however a few have joined the tough mutual “suffering” to execute the project and one of them, in my opinion the most important one, was Lloyd.
I still remember that during the sometimes long periods that I stayed in Rainy and was busy with preparation work for the factory, using the house at the river as our office, every day Lloyd passed by to discuss the progress made, the problems to be solved and exchanging other news.
WIth Lloyd, having actively participated in the Second World War, I had long conversations about that period, and in particular he having been one of the first Canadian soldiers who entered my city of Apeldoom to liberate it from the German occupation, that also created a special relationship.
Lloyd sincerely enjoyed participating in and assisting with building the factory, seeing the machinery going in and being installed. He was always there to give a helping hand with whatever had to be done. Also after he was hospitalized his interest in all what was done to get the factory up and running was still there and it was his great wish to be present on the day that there would be the firm and definite production start.
It is very unfortunate that he could not enjoy that no more; we will certainly miss him on that occasion, which will take place in the near future.
He will be sincerely missed and be remembered as a person with not that many words but with a heart of gold, always effacing himself and thinking of others and their needs first.
Jan Verhoef,
Apeldoom, The Netherlands