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Be careful what you wish for


Be careful what you wish for...
Words of wisdom we have all heard at one time or another.
I remember last spring everyone wishing for rain as the water tables dropped lower than they had been in a long time. Now we are in the same boat... on dry land.
Soon people will again be wishing for rain... let’s hope that when we all do, that the order gets delivered all at once like last year and the year before.
Some people say that the weather will continue to be as erratic as it has been over the past couple of years due to the effects of global warming. In fact I heard one radio announcer last week say that within the next 100 years the weather will continue to get more and more like the weather they have in the central and south central states.
I have not heard anyone say that there is proof to this theory, but if we go by what we have seen in the past few years it seems like it could be possible.
But as is the case with most of our memories, we all too often forget that the past had similar events.
The 1930s saw the prairies turn into desert like conditions. Then in 1950 the region saw a really wet year that caused major flooding here.
The weather statisticians have only been keeping track of things a little over 100 years. So we really don’t have a real good idea of whether the weather is changing dramatically.
Sometimes I think that nature has a way of correcting itself and that the weather has more to do with what people are wishing for than patterns.
–Until then,