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Canadian vets support U.S. war efforts

Dear Editor,
In two World Wars, Canadian and American troops fought side-by-side.
In that relations with the States are a bit touchy these days, perhaps veterans should weigh in with some sobering thoughts.
In the First World War, there was a tendency to complain that the Yanks did not come in until 1917 when most of the fighting was over. Still, this was a great morale-booster, particularly when America had prided itself on being an “isolationist” nation.
In World War II, which started in 1939, the Americans didn’t declare war on the Axis powers until after Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Yet, when Canadian troops on the ground in Normandy (I was one of them) saw the U.S. Flying Fortresses overhead, there were no anti-Yank sentiments. Canadian infantrymen were loud in their praise of the Americans, who were beating the Japanese in the Pacific. At the same time, they fought with us in Sicily, Italy and from Normandy to the surrender in Germany in 1945.
Maybe those in Canada, who are now criticizing the Americans, should remember that the two major wars in the last century could not have been won without the sacrifices of our military counterparts south of the border. In those wars, the combat personnel of Canada and the U.S. formed a strong bond based on mutual respect. If the politicians bothered to ask those of us who fought with them, the anti-U.S. tirades might disappear.


Cliff Chadderton, CC, O.Ont., OStJ, CLJ, CAE, DCL, LLD
Ex-Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Company Commander