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Gremlins and fan mail


Last week I said, “Be careful what you wish for” in this space and low an behold the gremlins in my computer (and my brain) had me wishing for something I quite honestly do not want... another flood.
My proof reader had marked a sentence in the column that I should have another look at.
I did just that in the wee hours of printing day after a night of very little sleep. Now I am not sure if I accidentally selected a couple of words too many and made it look like I was wishing for a flood, or if my head was just too fuzzy from not being able to sleep.
Whatever the case people were teasing me all week. A few told me about the goof up saying they knew that wasn’t what I meant.
Sorry about the mistake folks. I clearly do not want to see another sandbag in this life time and no torrential rains again either.
. . .
On another note, I received a couple of pieces of fan mail last week. One was critical of the question of the week and the other is not worth repeating.
Each week we try to pick a question that has some relevance to the news of the week, day or month. Sometimes they come easy, others they do not. We are open to suggestions and have printed questions brought forward by readers in the past.
I emailed the critic back only to receive no response.
At certain times of the year we like to have fun questions like last week where we asked if you believe in the Easter Bunny. People of all ages read the paper and I am sure that many kids and some adults found that poll fun.
Until then,