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What are they smoking in Ottawa?

Letter to the Editor
“What in blazes are they smoking in Ottawa?”
To reverse the landslide of mounting criticism against the federal government, Prime Minister Jean Chretien wants to decriminalize marijuana! Follow the bouncing ball. This is simply an intentional political diversion from other Liberal scandals.
A much more just and significant priority would be for the PM to decriminalize the civilian ownership of firearms which has been operating safely, legally and responsibly in Canada for the past 500 years.
To patronize the badly mismanaged United Nations which operates under the control of Third World dictators, Chretien has sacrificed our sovereignty by making Canada the international role model for the world civilian disarmament of small arms.
In the needless, expensive and wretched piece of legislation known as Bill C-68: The Firearms Act, Chretien has made it a 5 year criminal offense for not licensing yourself as a firearms owner. It is a 10 year jail sentence for failing to register your own private property.
Think about it! Fifteen years in jail for doing absolutely nothing!
What in blazes are they smoking in Ottawa?
–Al Dorans