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A case of mistaken identity


It is time to clear up a little misconception for the world.
A couple of months ago a Maclean’s Magazine article listed five Canadian cities as being the safest place to live in Canada.
That was my reaction and many people’s since the March 17, 2003 article hit the newsstands.
The article cites the World Health Organization as the source of the designation.
However, it was a case of mistaken identity. The actual safest place to live designation actually was referring to Rainy River as a District!
Last year the district played host to the World Health Organization’s Conference on Safe Communities.
Previous to that the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition worked very diligently over the course of several years to implement many safe community initiatives. Some improved safety in the workplace and some in the public places like playgrounds.
Like so many groups in the area, the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition worked with people and agencies right across the district to make the entire area a safe community.
So when the Maclean’s article appeared, I was suspect, that it was in fact referring to the entire district.
I have received several emails over the course of the past couple months lauding Rainy River’s recognition.
While the good press is great for Rainy River, in all honesty we can not take the credit for it entirely.
Yes we have a very safe community to live in. Yes the people are friendly. Yes our officials are well prepared in the event of a disaster (like last year’s flood). Yes it is a great place to live... but so is the rest of the Rainy River District.
–Until then,