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Bring back the spring bear hunt

In answer to the ever-so-popular question, what should we do about our nuisance bears?
Perhaps we should ignore the problem for another 4 years and argue that there even is a problem;
Perhaps we should continue to blame the poor berry crops in May;
Perhaps we should blame the weather;
Perhaps we should continue to blame urban sprawl;
Perhaps we should learn to live in harmony with large carnivore predators, that run 35 m.p.h. that have learned there is no hunting season;
Perhaps we should continue to have the Police and residents shoot and kill bears, leaving them to rot;
Perhaps we should wait until someone’s child is mauled or killed by bear;
Perhaps we should wait until someone is killed by a stray or deflected bullet from Police or a property owner shooting a bear entering their door or window;
Perhaps we should wait until our moose and deer populations are severely depleted by predation;
Perhaps we should wait until people making a living from controlled hunts are gone;
Perhaps we should have yet another vote or wait until another 80-90 townships write in requesting the immediate reinstatement of the hunt;
Perhaps we should have a few more Nuisance Bear Review Committees to waste taxpayers dollars with pre-determined, fruitless recommendations with pre-determined, election friendly time tables to basically never recommend anything;
Perhaps we should continue to wait for our elected MPP to ignore his/her constituents wishes because he/she cannot make a politically correct statement in favour of the spring hunt;
After all, reintroducing the hunt would be seen that the Government made a poor decision based on, at best, fabricated information from self appointed experts with unlikely enough red meat in their diet to stand upright, never mind make a rational decision.
Non-Torontonians find all this so difficult to understand because we have been burdened with common sense.
Admitting that a decision may not have been in the best interest of everyone and everything, is politically correct if it is reversed as soon as possible.
PC Politicians should try this new radical approach: USE COMMON SENSE & TELL THE TRUTH (It’s crazy, but it might just work.)
Bring back the spring bear hunt — problem solved!!
EX-PC member
T.W. Wood
Dryden, ON