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Soon to be the black eye entrance of Ontario


Some things never change and others must change.
As we near an election call in Ontario I find myself asking will we ever get a government that does things that make sense.
I heard way back when I was a young whippersnapper (21) starting this job, “It is easy for an editor to get cynical.”
I did not believe it at the time but having held the post through governments lead by all three parties, I find myself looking at the democratic process we are using and wondering “Does anyone in power down there (Toronto) have any smarts?”
The Torries ran on what they called “The Common Sense Revolution.”
We are now witnessing the repainting and repair of the international bridge at Rainy River and Baudette. However, our government, the Tories, said they are not willing to look at doing the Canadian side of the bridge for at least another year or two; citing money as the problem.
A contractor bidding on the job told me that the government would save a substantial amount of money by joining forces with Minnesota and doing the entire bridge at the same time.
So rather than using common sense and saving the taxpayers money now... we will wait and pay more later.
Add to that the fact that we will now have an eyesore of a bridge, much like the CNR rail bridge which has been half green and half black for several years now.
Rainy River is the gateway to Ontario. So why is the government letting it become the blackeye entrance of Ontario?
It never ceases to amaze me how wasteful and stupid government decisions can be. But what alternative do we have? They all promise the world and usually fail to deliver much of that to the voters.
–Until then,