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Are you not interested in finding out what the majority of Aboriginal peoples have to say?

Dear Editor and
All Residents of Kenora/Rainy River
I am writing to express my deep concern in regards to the Rally being held in Kenora about the Governance Act on May 15, 2003 and Leon Jourdain‚s letter submitted to the Kenora Enterprise on May 11, 2003.
Your personal attack against Mr. Bob Nault, our Member of Parliament is offensive. Leon, (Jourdain) in your letter to the Kenora Enterprise dated May 11, 2003; you suggest that Mr. Nault is a racist. The majority of people residing in Northwestern Ontario regardless of race elected Mr. Nault as a representative for this area. That being the case, it is obvious most people do not share your opinion.
Everyone knows Bob has always been on the „people‚s side‰ and his best interest is improving the lives of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike. Make no mistake about that.
What is puzzling to me is your opposition to the Governance Act. The Governance Act, as I understand it, is designed to help Aboriginal Peoples. You stand opposed to the Government of Canada talking with Aboriginal people to get their viewpoints. It appears that you are saying the Government should only talk to Chiefs. Why is that? Are you not interested in finding out what the majority of Aboriginal people have to say? Or are you afraid of what you will learn about what your people have to say about current Aboriginal leadership? Let us be clear, Mr. Jourdain, you do not represent the views of all citizens in the Kenora-Rainy River district.
Mr. Jourdain, your anger and opposition to The Governance Act makes a person wonder if you or Reid Thompson have read the Act. I understand the Bill is about Aboriginal Peoples having a set of rules that will allow them to ask questions and get answers from their elected officials. Furthermore, First Nations leaders, with the participation of their citizens, will be able to write those rules. This is what democracy is all about. Tell us again, that you are opposed to democracy. When you answer these questions don‚t just talk about colonialism, but rather provide some answers based on fact, research, and the views of the your people. No grandstanding!
Another concern is you Mayor Canfield. Your elected position does not require your attendance at these politically biased events. Why are you attending this event as a dignitary and speaker? I can think of a number of other more important issues you should be focusing on. Dave, be careful not to align yourself with minority opinions and small interest groups. The majority of Canadians support the Governance Act. Your attendance at this event indicates we as residents of Kenora are in opposition to Bill C-7. You certainly do not represent myself and I am sure you don‚t represent the majority of people in Kenora. Why are you against an Act that will provide Aboriginal People with more effective tools of governance? Surely, you as an elected official know the importance of have necessary tools to build an accountable and transparent government.
Mr. Hampton, there must be an upcoming election? Surely the problems your constituents are having with the Province of Ontario should be enough to keep you busy. During the five years your government was in power what did you do for the residents of Treaty 3? You always get involved and have a great deal to say about issues that you have no authority on. By the way, have you heard of, or read the First Nations Governance Act?
I would hope that this letter inspires both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to speak up. The future of our region depends on the ability of First Nations people to ask their leaders the tough questions. But, Howard, Dave, Leon, Matthew, if you feel the need to respond, I only ask the editor of this newspaper allow this letter be reprinted along with your responses, so that your answers can be compared to the facts. After all, we as voters should be able to make informed decisions on the people we elect based on facts, not grandstanding.
Michael Milanese