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Not enough action being taken to deal with pedophiles

Dear Editor,
SARS, Mad Cow Disease and the murder of Holly Jones were headline news last week. All possible action is being taken to counter the first two. Such is not the case in dealing with pedophiles.
The registry the Government of Canada is establishing will not list pedophiles convicted prior to its creation.
Should Parliament or the Courts determine what will be the law? In terms of what is or is not child pornography, what is or is not to be considered marriage, whether possession of cannabis is or is not legal the courts have made decisions. Not registering all convicted pedophiles is based on what the courts MAY decide.
The 1982 Constitution of Canada enables Parliament to make final decisions through use of the notwithstanding clause. Rather than presuming what is or is not likely to be charterworthy in the view of appointed judges, it’s time this power of those elected to make laws exercised the power that is constitutionally theirs.
As things stand however unless action is taken should Holly Jones murderer be found tried and convicted before the proposed law be passed he would not be subject to its terms.
Yours truly,
Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls Ontario