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Fly your Canadian flag with pride this week


A week from today marks a very important birthday.
Canada will be 136 years old and what 136 years they have been.
In recent years we have found ourselves questioning our identity as Canadians. We have questioned our role in the world and I have even heard those who have questioned our relevance.
Canada has been honoured in the past decade many times as being the best place in the world to live. Not only is our quality of life excellent, but our cultural diversity and tolerance towards it makes us an exception to the rule in many parts of the world.
We as a country have learned that it is important to “love thy neighbour” as God has so commanded.
We have also learned that there is a time for fighting and a time for diplomacy.
We have brokered many efforts to preserve world peace and have fought when we thought it was right to do so.
We did not hesitate to join most of the world in fighting against the Nazis in World War II or the Germans in WWI.
Canadians are respected around the world, even more so than our neighbours to the south, as leaders and peace lovers.
We have proven we have a role to fulfill on the world stage and just because we did not go to war against Iraq I do not believe we are irrelevant.
Some US citizens and politicians have ridiculed us for not doing so, and others have been supportive in our right as a free country, like their’s, to make choices freely.
While countless millions of Americans suffer without any medical insurance, every Canadian is cared for through the constitutional right to free health care. We as Canadians should be proud of who we are and what we have become as a nation.
I know I am.
So join me this week and hang the full colour Canadian Flag supplied courtesy of the sponsors listed on it in this edition of the Record in your window through Canada Day.

–Until then,