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Stop shirking your responsibility

Letter to the Editor
Is This You?
Why are there so many irresponsible people in Rainy River?
When it come so animals – Cats in particular are left to fend for themselves.
At the moment we are feeding a stray mother and 3 kittens and we are unable to adopt them. Now what is going to happen when the cold weather comes. These kittens and mom will probably freeze to death or one or more of them will have another litter and more kittens and on and on.
Come on people, stop shirking your responsibility and either neuter or spay or don’t keep animals, because they really aren’t pets if you don’t take care of them!
These are not the first strays we have fed to keep them from starving to death, but its only a drop in the bucket.
–Lucille & Joe Kaliska
Rainy River, Ont