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MPP raise shows government’s arrogance

Dear Editor
Here we are again! As reported by John Williamson, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Ontario MPPs currently earning $85,240 a year, more than twice the average salary of employed Ontarians, want even more!
They scheduled themselves an INCREASE of $21,000/year, immediately after the election.
By proposing this 25% increase in salary for themselves, they displays inconsistency and arrogance.
On the one side they are hard pressed to balance the budget and compensate Ontarians for the economic losses due to SARS and other factors.
On the other side, they are scheduling a fat pay raise for themselves.
Ontarians are tired with MPPs voting their own salary increases.
Salaries of MPPs should be tied to the average salary of employed Ontarians (is twice as much as this average not good enough?), should be recalculated with each budget, and should be fully taxable.
In this way MPPs’ earnings would automatically be tied to Ontario’s economic prosperity and tax levies, which they are supposed to control.

Giuseppe Gori
Leader, Family Coalition Party of Ontario
Acton, ON,