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As a newcomer I am looking for services

Letter to the editor,
I am one of many newcomers to the Rainy River area and since being here I have met many other newcomers.
Most of the people I have met are new or expectant mothers who don’t have the time to meet other locals and are unaware of resources available in the area. In the small community I lived in before, they only had a monthly two page community letter.
In this letter they had local girls and boys, with their phone numbers, who were looking for babysitting opportunities after school and on the weekends. This came in very handy for the new people of the area as well as visitors and tourists with children.
We are also wondering if there are any local support groups or activities for young moms and babies to participate in, and if so maybe these would be a good idea to share with the community as well.
The newcomers, with children not in school yet, are sitting at home most of the time taking care of their babies and not getting to know anyone. I know this is a stressful time for them being in a new community, being a new mom and feeling like they don’t have the supprt they need or even activities to meet other young moms.

-Lisa Marie Johnson-Newman