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We need someone who will deliver the goods


This week the blitz will begin.
The Ontario electorate will begin hearing the messages the parties have on how they would improve the province if elected or reelected.
In the Kenora-Rainy River Riding we are facing three candidates that are all identifying things like education, health care and energy supply as areas they would work hard to improve for the people of this region.
Howard Hampton, NDP, has vowed to keep the electricity system public citing the skyrocketing prices of electricity that followed once the Tories began privatizing it as an example of what will happen if deregulation occurs.
Geoff McClain, Liberal, has said that farmers need more safety nets to help ensure their future is a sound one.
Cathe Howszowski, says there is too much red tape holding business back in the region.
All of these issues are real, but which party will truly do

what they say?
Every election the candidates stand up on their soapboxes and promise to make life better for us all and rarely do they follow through with the goods.
It is no wonder so many people are disenchanted with the entire political process and why voter turnouts have been so low for the past few elections.
The political spin doctors are busy coming up with messages they think will get the voters to elect their candidates and ultimately put their party in power.
But the people are not dumb. Perhaps if the promises were realistic, had some substance to them, and were delivered people would respect their politicians.
I call on our three candidates to come forth with solid promises that they are willing to stake their political careers on. If they don’t deliver they should be willing to resign.
–Until then,