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Destroying the fabric of society

Letter to the Editor,
Our society has lost sight of the fact that every person living has a father and a mother whether they want them or not. Children just don’t happen any other way.
We are in the process of destroying the fabric of our society by letting marriage between a man and a woman mean nothing. “Men are not biologically tuned to being committed fathers. In recognition of this, cultures have used sanctions to bind men to their children and of course the institution of marriage has been culture’s chief vehicle.” (“Life without Father”, READER’S DIGEST, 1997, p. 66)
The recent court ruling in Ontario sanctioning same sex marriages and Federal proposals to make this the law throughout Canada are opening additional floodgates of destruction on the fabric of the home. When pedophilia and group marriages come down the road we will have no reason to stand up and be counted.
Of course people will try everything and we can only reject the wrong.
We are the ones who are sinners and need God’s help. We also need the help of government to protect the home and at least aim us in the right direction.

–Willie Longenecker,
Morson, Ont.