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Grand Theater raising money for digital projector

To the Editor,
We are excited to announce that with initial donations from the Moonbeams, Border State Bank Employees, Proseed of Harvey, N.D., an anonymous donor and a donation bucket at the theater, the fundraising process for our new digital projection for the Grand Theater is now underway. We have received approximately $1,500 in donations! This is a great start toward our fundraising goal of $75,000 for the new projector.
The movie industry is making a major change over the next 12-18 months, eventually releasing all movies in a digital format. This will phase out the current 35mm file that our theater and most theaters in the country currently and effectively making our 1929 projector, still in use, obsolete. The theater is forced to make this change or will be forced to close.
The theater operated by the Baudette Community Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation originally built the theater to provide access for youth as well as adults to healthy, safe entertainment in the local community. We feel that need for such entertainment is still necessary and this is why we will be embarking on an aggressive fundraising campaign to ensure that our theater stay open and be available for generations to come!
Watch for more information in the coming weeks about how you can help! In the meantime, if you have any questions about the conversation or how you can help with fundraising projects, please contact Jason Breuer at 634-1350. If you would like to end in a donation please send your check to P.O. Box 517, Baudette, MN 56623.
–Sincerely, Baudette Community Foundation Board of Directors