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Tearing at the very fabric that made this nation what it is


As if losing the terminal in Rainy River was not enough last week, the very company that helped weave the very fabric of this country from coast to coast decided to take the word Canadian out of its name.
Canadian National Railways reportedly advised all of its employees not to refer to the company as Canadian National Railway any more. It is just to be called CN.
While officials are claiming it is strictly a marketing move, much like some of the major banks who rarely go by their lengthy names, it has hit home with patriotic Canadians.
One of them came into the Record Monday very upset saying his dad helped make that railroad what it was for 40 years.
The company was taken over by a U.S. based rail company a few years ago and some feel that the move to eliminate “Canadian” from the name is American based.
Whatever the reason, it smarts a whole lot, especially in the pride department.
While I am not sure of the details of the U.S. take over of the railway, many businesses sign deals that say the name of the business must stay as it is for a set period of time. Maybe that time has elapsed or maybe there was never an agreement in place to preserve this truly Canadian icon of our history.
The federal government needs to get involved in this immediately and preserve the identity of a company so many of us relate to as being part of of our very souls.
Americans would surely not approve of a Canadian company purchasing a U.S. company and removing U.S.A. from the name?
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