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Sportsmen beware!

Letter to the Editor
As a Taxpayer and a Resident of Northwestern Ontario, I am extremely disappointed in the recent response from the Leader of the NDP Party and the MPP for this Riding when the issue of the spring bear hunt was presented to the candidates.
With all the written requests from approximately 180 Municipalities from Northern Ontario, (including I believe, every Municipality within his own Riding), requesting the reinstatement of the spring bear hunt for numerous reasons, in addition to the almost daily reports of nuisance bears, numerous bear/human encounters and even several bear attacks, not to mention the enormous number of bears being shot as nuisances and their cubs left to die, and our own MPP is OK with the situation. SPORTSMEN BEWARE!!!
We should expect more from our next MPP, after all, they are suppose to be voicing the concerns of their constituents.

–Terry Wood,