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Puzzled about several things in Rainy River

Dear Editor,
I am puzzled at why several things have happened in our town the way they have.
First off: The Locum House which is in the process of being built. Dr. Singleton convinced the town council and the public we needed it, by saying it would draw doctors here to work. Which it didn’t! Now the town is stuck with building a house which the town cannot afford to build period.
Second: Just who is going to fill the house if we don’t have any doctors to fill it. What a waste of town money! That money should have gone towards seeing that we have enough doctors and nurses to care for our town, in the event that our present doctors up and leave. Which has happened already. both our doctors have left or are leaving very shortly.
Third: What is to happen with our seniors in the hospital/Long Term Care? Are they to be moved to places where their families can’t visit cause it is far to far for them to travel to?
What is next? Will our hospital doors close and we will be without a hospital and no emergency care? Are we going to have to travel to Winnipeg, Fort Frances or ThunderBay just to see a doctor and get emergency healthcare?
Are our children and elderly being forced to suffer? Yes they are!
Fourth: What is going to happen to our newborns, our children, and people in general without a doctor to take care of them when they are sick? Are we going to end up going to the U.S.A. just to get proper healthcare for them? OHIP won’t pay for that anymore! So it will end up coming out of the pockets of the parents some of which cannot afford it.
Fifth: What about the town? Is it going to fold up and die without an in-house doctor?
What is going to happen to our nurses here? Are they going to be forced to carry the load?
Or are they going to end up being without jobs here cause the hospital had to close it’s doors due to the lack of doctors?
From the way I see it Rainy River is on a downhill slide to being a GHOST TOWN!
Yes! That is the outcome whether you believe it or not Rainy River is destined to be a GHOST TOWN! We are right now just barely hanging on by a thread.
We have lost so much and yet we cannot seem to get our act together and draw businesses, families and doctors to live here. Something has to be done now before it is too late.
Enough is Enough! Time for our town council to get off their butts and do something about this problem before it is too late...Time is running out!

–G. Macmillan,
A Puzzled and Concerned Citizen of Rainy River, Ontario