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Candidates will face many big challenges when elected

An election at every level in Rainy River. It has been many years since we had so many people running for local government.
To all of you who have let your name stand, I tip my hat to you.
In the weeks to come many of the candidates will be telling you the voter what they plan to do if elected to office. It is up to you to ask questions of them and to make an informed decision as to who will do the best job for Rainy River over the next three years.
We face an uncertain future with CNR having pulled out of the community, two industrial developments that were built in the past decade sitting idle with no one working at them and taxes not being paid on them.
The sewer system was partially repaired, but until it is brought up to snuff, Rainy River can not attract any new development.
School numbers continue to decline, hence the future of our schools face serious challenges.
Past councillors have had to deal with the uncertainty of where the next blow would be coming from as governments continue to download services onto the backs of local taxpayers, all the while mandating what services need to be offered.
The candidates indeed face some very big challenges in the next three years, so be sure to tell them what you think should be done to keep Rainy River vibrant well into the future.
-Until then,