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We deserve a raise to!

Letter to the Editor
Rainy River: Millions of people in Ontario struggle to make ends meet. And while the Tory government has demonstrated great concern for their own economic well-being, they’ve shown none for the poorest people in Ontario. Last year, the Tories voted to give themselves raises of 36.6%. Meanwhile, the minimum wage has been frozen at $6.85 for the last eight years and social assistance rates have been slashed by more than 21.6%.
Ontario is one of the richest places in the world. Yet, one in six people lives in poverty. One in four workers in Ontario – that’s more than one million people – makes poverty wages. For the more than 400 000 people on social assistance, poverty is even more dire. Most people on social assistance live thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars below the poverty line.
Across Ontario, activists are joining the Living Wage – Living Income campaign to demand that the minimum wage be increased to $10 an hour and social assistance rates also be increased to reflect the actual costs of living.
“We deserve better: it’s time for a raise!” insist campaign activists. “We are simple demanding that all people in Ontario have an adequate standard of living.”

Determined to win their demands, campaign organizers say there are lots of ways for community members to get involved. For more information, contact the Healthy Communities Coalition of Rainy River and surrounding area at 852-3268.
Heidi Ivall, Health Educator
Northwestrern Health Unit
Rainy River