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Many people working hard on doctor situation

Dear Mr Editor
Ms. Macmillan’s recent letter complaining about the state of affairs in Rainy River cries for a response.
Yes our medical staffing situation in Rainy River is in dire straits, and yes we still do not have a suitable complete solution to the problem.
However, to suggest nothing is being done and municipal officials should get off their butts, is an untruthful, cowardly, and rude appraisal of the situation. I know that many people have and are working very diligently to find solutions to our problems. Ms Macmillan would realize that too, if she would make the effort to investigate the facts.
The ‘Locum House’ is not something useless we are stuck with. It was conceived and is an investment in our community’s future that will help us recruit and maintain health care professionals. Perhaps if the community had started that initiative a few years back we would not be in our current crisis situation, but we cannot change the past. The Locum House is not a waste of money. It is an investment in our community’s future and represents a good deal of work by many selfless volunteers to improve our town.
Perhaps Macmillan, and like-minded whiner’s and ‘can’t be doners’, should stop complaining, slandering those who do put forth an honest effort, and quit spreading gossip and half-truths. How about putting your shoulder to the wheel?
–Jack Elliott