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New government needs to address farm crisis in RR Dist. immediately

People voted for change last Thursday and for the sake of the farmers in this province let’s hope it was a good change.
On Saturday area cattle producers were decimated by prices so low that most of them lost money or barely broke even on their animals and the time they had invested in them. But what choice did they have?
Normally they can wait for better prices to come along but that is not going to happen with the refusal of the United States to reopen the border to Canadian beef, thanks to one lone case of Mad Cow disease found far, far away from here.
Another nail to their coffin was added when the Sioux Narrows bridge was condemned a little over a week ago. Now cattle heading to and from Manitoba, which can not go through the United States, have to travel down the Dryden highway, hence adding even more costs to the animals.
That and the fact that there will be a shortage of feed this winter and disaster is clearly in the air. It is as plain as day and if the newly elected Liberal government is not quick to step up to the plate they will likely see a huge number of farmers out of business in the west Rainy River District.
That could create a domino effect the likes of only the depression of the 1930s saw. Farmers out of business means businesses that depend on them to purchase big and small ticket items will lose that business. In turn that will mean those businesses may have to cut staff or even shut down.
The province needs to step in with a financial assistance package immediately and as the most populous and one of the richest provinces in Canada it needs to start flexing its muscles with the US and get the border open again.
–Until then,