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What ever happened to fund raising?

Where should the line be drawn when it comes to what is in our schools?
Recently Rainy River High School received a brand new score board for its gymnasium at no cost to the school... well there was kind of a cost.
A pop company donated it in exchange for exclusive rights to sell its products in the school. This type of deal making happens all the time in big commercial sports venues like Rainy River’s arena where again a pop company has donated a score board in exchange for the exclusive rights to supplying product there.
Personally I do not have a problem with big companies using that practise in a public venue like the arena. But when it comes to influencing the minds of our youth, I think the line should be drawn in the sand on this issue. Why not have both companies products available and let the kids learn how to make sound decisions on product quality and prices?
Schools are places where our youth learn the skills needed to become adults. Making an informed choice is one of those skills.
They are at an age where suggestive marketing can have a tremendous impact on them. Big companies know this and work hard to be the first to “hook” them and reel them in, hopefully for life.
Sure the school needed a new score board, but whatever happened to fund raising? The last score board was bought through the hard efforts of the students selling fruit and other items to raise money.
Corporate blackmail does not belong in the schools, but it appears that the corporations are scoring on their side of the equation and this problem is growing across North America.
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