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Cold weather will not be the only thing bugging us!

Everywhere I went the past couple of weeks people were talking about... you guessed it.... “Those darn lady bugs!!!!”
The Asian Lady Beetle looks as pretty as a regular old lady bug and pretty much the same. However, this aphid eating creature has a couple of differences that have many people more that a bit bugged.
These bugs will bite people, even though they are not really interested in doing so. They are just checking to see if you are good to eat. Usually once they have bitten you once... that is it... they won’t bite again.
The other thing that really has some folks buzzin is the fact that these bugs like to hibernate in our homes. They tend to congregate near windows and doors hoping to either fly in or find a crack they can crawl through and get into your place.
One or two in the house are not bad, but when they start to amass in numbers that seem like they are in the thousands, people get a bit annoyed by them, especially when they take flight.
I have heard one lady would not sleep in her bedroom because there were so many of them in there.
They were starting to settle down the other day and then the really warm weather came again. Many of them awoke and started flying around looking for food. I heard of several people getting bitten on the weekend.
Once the cold weather returns they should slow down, but they will again seek refuge in our homes.
The only suggestion I have heard that works against them is to vacuum them up and then empty the vacuum out. Some pesticides do work on them, but few people want to be spraying that in the house.
In the mean time we will have to enjoy the warm weather and know that when it turns cold that will not be the only thing bugging us.
–Until then,