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War Is Hell

by Ken Johnston

While it was filmed well before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the movie Pearl Harbor really hit home for me over the weekend.

The chaos depicted in the attack on Pearl was just mind boggling. I can just imagine what it must have been like for the people in and around the World Trade Center towers.

Debris, fire, smoke, and just plain horror as the attack took place and the buildings burned and eventually collapsed.

I saw the movie Pearl Harbor at the new Grand Theater Sunday night and while organizers said they did not bring it in because of the Sept. 11 attacks, the message it delivered home was very appropriate at this time.

War is Hell.

I remember hearing that as a kid and seeing it in movies like Saving Private Ryan and now Pearl Harbor.

It is so sad that other people perceive our free world way of life as a threat and have to attack us to get at its heart. However, if history has not taught those that would think they can take freedom away from us, it has shown us time and time again that when threatened or attacked we become that much stronger.

The free world has given up millions of lives in the name of freedom and since WW II we have enjoyed relatively good and free times.

Now extremists have tried what others like the Japanese have in the past and they will fail.

We will not let them destroy what our country, our neighbour’s country and others in the free world live for.

By no means do I wish for the carnal horror that war brings. I hope that together the world can flush these extremists out and put them on trial in front of the world.

They must be stopped and if we have to take up arms to protect freedom then so be it.

–Until then,